Gifts for Gardeners

Posted on Nov 21, 2011

Whether the person on your list is a seasoned gardener or someone just embarking into their first gardening project, there are tons of gift options.  Shopping information for all of the following items and more can be found at

Even if the “garden” is actually one potted plant in the living room, no one who is responsible for a plant should be without a water meter.  These are inexpensive devices that can be probed into the soil of a potted plant or taken outside to check the moisture levels in various areas of the garden.  For the more technically savvy gardener who would like to take it a step further, consider the “easy Bloom” device which can measure sun exposure, moisture levels, temperature and more (especially useful for the micro-climates of your landscape).  The device can then be plugged into your computer and the information is uploaded to their website where the information is downloaded and recommendations are made.

We could not do without some basics in our tool chest:

  • Gloves – consider the type that ride up high on the arms to protect from thorn abrasions and prickly shrub encounters
  • Garden Stool/Kneeler – this one lightweight device serves as a low stool and then flips over and acts as a kneeler that has support handles to help you back up
  • GOOD pruners – essential.  Do not waste your money on inexpensive or bargain tools, as you will risk bad cuts, broken handles and a lot of frustration.

For someone ready to incorporate edibles or flowers for cutting, container gardens that are assembled within minutes (without tools!) and can be built to up to 36” in height, are on everyone’s wish list.  Please visit our website to view a gallery of configuration options and purchasing information.  Once assembled, the beds can be filled with soil purchased in bulk at local companies such as Aguinaga in Irvine.

Water/rain barrels have also become quite popular.  They connect to your downspout or gutters to collect the rainwater that would otherwise go to waste.  We would encourage you to read the article at, which will guide you through the collection process.

And what gardener doesn’t love a good book to pour through during the winter to plan their Spring projects?  Some of the most useful books include Sunset’s Western Garden Book, Landscape Plants for California Gardens by Bob Perry, Pat Welsh’s Southern California Gardening and Southern California Organic Gardening.  Another book sure to be appreciated would be the one that the gardener in your life would write themselves – a gardening journal.

We wish you happy gardening and a holiday season filled with joy ~