Landscape Design by Carol offers residential landscape design and garden consultation services throughout Orange County, California.

Our services include:

  • Detailed Planting Plans for Single-Family Dwellings
  • Conceptual Design for Landscape Elements Such as Patios, Fireplaces, Walkways, Etc.
  • Residential Garden Consultations
  • Plant Selections/Nursery Walks
  • Vegetable Beds and Container Planting Designs
  • Seasonal Container Planting Designs
  • Permanent Container Planting Designs
  • A Portfolio of Your Plant Palette, Including Detailed Descriptions and/or Care
  • Visual Imaging

A landscape designer works with you to listen to your goals and objectives, evaluate the visual and spacial assets and constraints of your property and to discuss your options.  As the plan evolves, you will be able to visualize and understand what is feasible for your space, taking into account your objectives, budget, and the current conditions of your garden.  Your wish list will help you to plan your outdoor space to serve your needs and expectations, whether that is a space that will become an extension of your home or to provide an attractive view from the windows looking into the garden, or both.

Each project is unique and what you will need to accomplish your goals will vary. Some gardens just need to be refreshed, retaining some plants and replacing others, while other gardens will be taken back to the soil and completely redesigned.  With an artistic eye, horticultural knowledge and the use of computer technology, we can also provide a digital image, which is a photograph of your home with the proposed landscape changes superimposed onto the photograph.


NOTE:  If a site plan is not available, properties will be measured by an outside firm, and additional fees will apply

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